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About Our School 
From Weakness to Strength and Knowledge
We are a tight knit group of people who encourage and help eachother grow through martial arts.
We don’t do contracts, so we have to earn your business every month and we are accountable to you. 
We’re not in it for the money so we genuinely care about all our students. You are more than just a paycheck.
We’re family.
Our teachers practice what they teach by being on the mat testing ourselves right along side you.
Check out The Classes We Offer...
Bullyproof Kids
Karate & Jiu Jitsu
Our Bullyproof Classes are specially designed to teach your child how to  
stand up to bullies without becoming a bully. We have three goals for every practice session:
Break a Sweat, Have Fun and Learn Something New!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Our classes will help you get in shape and learn how to defend yourself. Working out is always easier and more effective when you are having fun. So Give our class a try and we promise you will see results!


Cardio Kickboxing, 
Competitive Kickboxing and Karate. So whether your goals are fitness, competition or ranking we have you covered!
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